About web of the city

The web of the city is a so-called participatory budget. Participatory budgeting enables citizens to participate in decision-making about the development of their municipality.

The town hall allocates part of the money from the annual budget, and the residents then submit proposals on what should be improved in the city with this money in the following year.

During the assessment of feasibility of these proposals, citizens meet at local or thematic public discussions with the assistance of the city. They discuss what they want to change in their municipality and how.

The culmination is a popular vote on which proposals the municipality should implement.

What ideas you can propose?

Topics for your proposals are not limited in any way; your ideas can relate to anything starting from repairing a bench or trash can in the park, establishing barrier-free access or a pedestrian crossing to organizing theater play, lecture, etc.

Your proposal must meet only a few basic conditions:

  • One of the main criteria is the realization of the proposal on the territory of the city, and in the case of modifications of public spaces, they must be realized on land owned by the city.
  • The financial costs of implementing your proposal must not exceed … .
  • When creating a proposal, pay attention to complying with the rules for its submission and to provide the office with as much information as possible to assess its feasibility.

Time schedule 2020

Town Hall releases part of the budget

March 2020

Citizens propose their ideas and submit them (by the deadline)

April 2020

Municipal officials check Proposals´ feasibility

May 2020

Citizens discuss the proposals

June 2020

The proposals are voted on

September 2020

Town Hall provide execution of selected proposals

October 2020 and onwards