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Terms and conditions

The drafter must be a citizen of the […] or a person with permanent residence in the […] over the age of 15. The drafter must ensure that his/her proposal is supported by two guarantors. The guarantor of the proposal must be a resident of […] over 18 years of age.


The drafters are key actors in the process. It is desirable that they actively cooperate with both the officials and the public. During the public hearings, the drafters themselves will present their ideas and proposed solutions to the audience. 

The office is supposed to play only the role of an expert consultant in the framework of refinement of the received drafts, an organizer of public hearings and an implementer of investments.

The project must be implemented in the territory of the city […]. The sites and buildings that will be involved in your project should preferably be owned by the city. Here is a map of the city showing the buildings and land owned by the city.


There is no restriction on the area to be covered by the draft proposals. In particular, ideas for improvements or installation of features in the public realm, public realm improvements, environmental improvements, neighborhood meetings, education, leisure activities, etc. are appropriate. The only thing a draft proposal in this area must meet is that it must benefit the town and its citizens.


The implementation of your project must not exceed the given financial budget. The total estimated costs for the implementation of the proposal must not exceed 20,000 € including VAT and the annual operating costs must not exceed 10 % of the purchase price. Please note that for some construction projects it is necessary to prepare project documentation. Its cost is also included in the costs required for implementation.


The draft must include supporting documents/information to assess the feasibility of the proposal. The draft must be clearly written and contain all mandatory fields of the form. This must include an approximate estimate of the cost of implementation and the exact location and spatial requirements for implementation, possibly photo documentation of the existing condition, and graphic evidence (drawings, visualizations, types of proposed elements, etc.) are appropriate (not mandatory). The more information you provide, the better we can assess the feasibility of your project draft.


The financial cost of one proposal must be a maximum of 20 000 €

The project must be possible to implement within 18 months.

The deadline for submitting drafts is 31 May 2020.




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